Kristiina Mäki

My day

The Czech start line at RunCzech Running League races typically features all the familiar faces, meaning fans tend to know who to look out for. However we’ve got one small surprise in store for them at this year’s Birell Prague Grand Prix. Drum roll! Yes a new rising star has arrived on the scene! Her name is Kristiina Mäki and you usually find her on the track. The athlete with Finnish roots is the Czech number one in track races ranging from 1 500 to 5 000 metres. But it would be an injustice to suggest she has no road race experience. “I’ve run the 10K in Běchovice three times and always enjoyed it, it’s different from circling a track,” claims the attractive athlete who may well Czech elite road runners taking part a run for their money.

„Generally I get up early, but I prefer racing in later hours, people are more fresh during the day.“

„My mom ran with our dog, at one of those canicross, back then it was not called that. She ran with our wolfdog and is even the champion of the Czech Republic.“

„The longest I ran was twenty kilometers at the camp.“

„There is still time for the marathon, but I want to try it in the future.“

„In the sixth grade, my first coach Petr Forman was in charge of the practice and he asked me if I would want to train more often and compete in races. And there it somehow began.“

„I was not comparing myself to the standard I needed in order to compete at the Olympic Games in Rio. I regret it a lot but everything bad, is good for something. I know that's why this year I failed, I will understand it some time. It didn´t discourage me and I will work hard to be prepared in future meets!“

„When I'm home, I go into the forest and I'm glad that I do not have to round a two-kilometer circle in Stromovka and I run the large one of 15 kilometers.“

„I would want to build a stadium in Prague with an indoor track next to it. We have athletes, who don’t lose in the world, and there is need of a place where big races would be held in Prague. The fact that there could be an indoor facility, could bring in events twice a year and Prague could be the next destination city“.

„I bring trophies to my parents, but I have a few in Prague. For example best athlete of Czech Technical University in Prague.“

„Both of my parents influenced my brother and I to participate in sport.“

Do you want to run with Kristiina? There are still some places left for Birell 10k Run and adidas Women's Race 5 km.